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Before the LoveCats...

Before forming into the LoveCats, Poss, Paul and Mark played in many bands, most notable; Hariot.
Joe Poss recalls these fond memories of the really early days before the LoveCats...

The photos in which we wear tube socks and Paul has really long hair and plays a strat is from May 1987 at Fordham University where our band, Harriet played a packed Ramskellar Pub during Senior Week. Band members were:
Joe Possavino - Bass
Paul Mancuso - Guitar
Mark Fiorentino - Drums
Tony Ventura - Vocals
Dave Oden - Keyboards

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The photos in which Paul has shorter hair and I weigh about 140 lbs are from July 1984 at The Rising Sun club in Yonkers, NY.
The band was Harriet, but we played heavy metal and hard rock: Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Van Halen.
We were the opening band for Rat Race Choir that particular evening and opened our set with The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath.
The Rising Sun, although dingy, smelly (complete with tuna fish cans for ashtrays) and smoky, was frequented by many bands that went on to fame and fortune: Metallica, Talas, Twisted Sister.
The club was owned by Moe and Pete Silverstein.
Moe liked us and referred to us as "nice boys."

Harriet in 1984 was:
Joe Possavino - Bass
Paul Mancuso - Guitar
Mark Fiorentino - Drums
Jeff Cadavid - Vocals

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